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Why Choose Power Source

 Power Source Delivers over a decade of power purchasing experience to our customers.

Power Source was founded with a rebellious spirit and CLEAR objective.  To offer full transparency into the Electricity and Natural Gas Purchasing Process. Clients partner with us to manage their energy rate risk exposure while implementing  management strategies to reduce their energy costs now and into the future.

 Power Source remains a SERVICE driven company that delivers cost savings strategies in real time. 

Who We Help



  • Commercial Business
  • Large Industrial
  • Small business
  • Non Profit Organization
  • Franchise Owners through aggregation
  • Housing Authorities

Why Choose Power Source


 Power Source was created to inform and educate our client’s about the options available to them.  We understand you need Professional Guidance you can trust! We choose to offer energy industry expertise with cost effective rates, energy is an asset Let us help you attain that by being well informed and proactive! 



Energy Procurement

 Energy Procurement can carry a complex overthought message and idea.  We make this a very simple process for you.  Our goal is to search and find the most suitable electricity and natural Gas supplier agreements that best fits the needs of your business.



 Depending  how your business consumes its energy there all multiple ways to offset your energy consumption.  Power Source will walk you through a PIF (Project Information form) that will identify those areas.  The cheapest Kilowatt hour is the one you don’t use. 



Solar into Savings

For some business owners, solar serves as a great back-up power source, while for others it can be a means of reducing their utility bills—or even eliminating them.  We will help to identify if Solar can work for your business.

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